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Mike Davis had a rough day, maybe stick-um’s the answer!

A week after a strong season two debut for Mike Davis, the San Francisco 49ers running back struggled mightily holding onto the Ball in Week 2. He rushed five times for 26 yards, but also fumbled the ball twice. His first fumble happened in the second quarter. The defender got his hand on Davis as the 49ers running back was getting past him, and the ball squirted out. In the third quarter, Davis got hit pretty much squared up, and the ball popped out.

Davis could lead the NFL in preseason rushing, but it won’t do any good if he can’t hold on to the ball. It might have been a one-game thing, but when you’re competing for a backup spot at best right now, fumbles can be killer. He’ll need to bounce back in Week 3, but even still, those fumbles are going to be hanging over him this month.

Someone tweeted at him after the game with a great picture from Little Giants. I’m guessing we don’t see Davis with stick ‘um next week, but it might be worth it just to avoid those fumbles in the future!