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Anthony Davis tweets about right tackle competition with Trent Brown

How will the right tackle competition shake out? And what will it mean for Anthony Davis?

Anthony Davis remains the San Francisco 49ers second string right tackle, working behind Trent Brown in the preseason. Davis got some work at right guard earlier this week, but did not get RG snaps in the Broncos game.

Sunday morning, Davis was asked about Brown potentially taking his job. He had this to say. Initially I was a little confused, because when he mentioned Trent, I thought of Baalke. It took me a second to remember the 49ers have two Trents in the organization (well, three including one in ticket operations). But it’s an interesting discussion point. The 49ers offensive line is suddenly looking deeper than we initially expected. There are still roles to be figured out, but with AD and Brown competing at right tackle, and Joshua Garnett potentially pushing at left or right guard, this unit could prove better than it has in a couple years. It’s a reason for a little bit of optimism.

I doubt Davis deletes this tweet anytime soon, but I went with a screenshot instead, just in case.

Fooch’s update: Davis added this