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Colin Kaepernick will throw Monday, but what exactly is TBD

The San Francisco 49ers will get back to the practice field on Monday, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be involved in some form or fashion. Head coach Chip Kelly chatted with the media Sunday afternoon and was asked about Kaepernick’s status for this week. Kelly said Kaepernick was fine after his pre-game throwing session, and he thought the quarterback would get some throwing in practice on Monday.

Kelly was quick to clarify that he did not know yet specifically what that would entail. He would not commit to 7-on-7 drills, 11-on-11, or anything else specifically. And he also said “I think” in response to whether or not Kaepernick would throw. So basically, he might throw, he might not, we won’t know until we hear on Monday.

Kaepernick has thrown on the side the last few days, but has not taken part in team drills at practice since two Wednesdays ago. He threw quite a bit on Sunday, and reports were that there was some zip on the ball. The range of passes between 10 and 55 yards would suggest he’s ready to get into practice, but given the previous fatigue, it’s safe to say the team will not be overly aggressive in getting him back to full participation.