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Trent Brown vs. Von Miller: How the OT prepared and what he learned

It had to be a little daunting to face one of the best pass rushers in the game, Brown had his work cut out for him.

San Francisco 49ers right tackle Trent Brown has been handling first team work through first two preseason games, and Saturday he faced his most significant challenge, Denver Broncos OLB Von Miller. The 49ers held two joint practices with Denver leading up to the game, and practicing opposite Miller for those two sessions may have helped offensive tackle Trent Brown mentally prepare for the preseason matchup.

Brown has been getting compliments about his progress from the coaching staff, as well as fellow players, including Anthony Davis. Davis even said he is willing to move to RG to allow Brown to play RT. Davis has used social media to express his approval of the potential position change.

Brown who has had issues with keeping weight off has seemingly turned over a new leaf. He spent the offseason working with his family on conditioning in preparation for Chip Kelly’s high tempo offense. The 49ers drafted as though Davis could possibly not file for reinstatement and added quite a bit of competition on the offensive line. Maybe Brown felt the heat or maybe he just decided it was time to step up his game.

Brown spoke to the media following the game in Denver where he held his own against Miller. Here is the full transcript:

How did you prepare to face Von Miller?

I knew coming in I had to have my mind right going against the best pass rusher in the league. I had to step up to his level of play and I think I did a pretty good job tonight.

How did the practices go, going against him?

I think they went pretty well. He got me a few times but it just showed me what I needed to work on coming into the game.

What did you need to work on?

Being patient. He’s a faster guy, so instead of trying to set him at an angle, come more of a straight back angle.

Is this the best guy you’ve ever gone against?

One of the best. He’s a different type of pass rusher, you know?

What’s different about him?

He’s a smaller, quicker, shifty guy.

When you stood him up in the pocket, was that more strength or technique?

A little bit of both. A little bit of both.

Theoretically a guy like him should give you problems, being smaller and quicker.

I wouldn’t say that, I’m an athlete. (laughing)

How is your confidence now that you’ve been working with the 1s?

I feel like my confidence is probably as high as it’s been in a while. The coaching staff builds us up every day, works with us every day, so I feel pretty good about myself right now and the way I’m playing.

Anthony Davis said he’s be willing to change positions to keep you at tackle, that has to make you feel you good.

Yeah, he always helps me out as well too. Just a year ago I was looking forward to learning from him. He’s one of the best at the position before he took a year. I believe that’s why he’s one of the highest paid at the position so I still listen to him even though I’m in front of him right now. I still listen to him and take tips when I can.

What areas might you need to improve upon?

I’ve always had an ability to play at a high level, I just had to...I feel more comfortable with what I’m doing and on the level of play, and I’m in better shape.

Is technique involved in that too?

You know, when you’re tired all you have is your technique.