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Rapper The Game wore Rams jersey to Coliseum, in spite of 49ers tattoo

The Los Angeles Rams have wrapped up their home preseason schedule, and it is no surprise that fan interest is high. The Rams have said they sold 171,000 tickets to the first two preseason games, and even if that many did not actually show up, it was still a strong showing for two exhibition games.

The move to LA appears to be turning some fans of other teams onto the Rams. The most notable would appear to be rapper The Game. He posted a picture on Instagram wearing a Jared Goff jersey (below).

This is slightly noteworthy because he has been a noted San Francisco 49ers fan for some time. A friend of mine sent along another picture in a FOX Sports article, and if you look closely on his left arm, you can an SF tattoo on his left bicep. I did some more searching and came across a few other indicators. There’s the picture of him with Colin Kaepernick at the ESPYs showing off the tattoo. There’s also this article about his 49ers-themed Dodge Charger. And there is this celebrity car blog article showing The Game’s car, and the rapper originally getting his 49ers tattoo.

The Game was born in Los Angeles, so I am not entirely surprised he would want to have a home-town team. As a Las Vegas native, I’m excited to have the hockey team coming to town next year. That being said, is he going to get the 49ers tattoo removed? Or just leave it there and forget about it? I suppose the Rams jersey could have been a one-time thing for the Coliseum game, but that’s a bit much for this 49ers fan.

On the field at the @rams game wit my ace @moneygangworldwide #LosAngeles #1992

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