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Colin Kaepernick throwing in team warmup drills [video]

The 49ers are seeing progress in Colin Kaepernick’s return to throwing. We break down the latest news.

The San Francisco 49ers are back at practice, and it would appear Colin Kaepernick is making progress towards playing this Friday against the Green Bay Packers. The media are not allowed to watch team drills, but they saw Kaepernick throwing during the warmup portion of practice. Last week, Kaepernick threw on the side, and would take snaps but not throw, so this is a big step forward.

If Kaepernick can play this weekend, it will be interesting to see how the team splits up the reps between him and Blaine Gabbert. And of course, which one starts. I imagine both get reps with the 1s, but my guess is Kaepernick starts to guarantee work against the Packers 1s. Additionally, do both Jeff Driskel and Christian Ponder get reps, or does one of them not get reps? With starters going further into the game this week, there could be a lot less reps to spread around.

Here is some video from Jennifer Chan.