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Bruce Ellington returned to 49ers practice Monday

The 49ers welcomed wide receiver Bruce Ellington back to practice. If he can stay healthy, he could be an impact player in 2016. The problem is staying healthy

Lost amidst news that Colin Kaepernick is back at practice is Matt Barrows reporting that Bruce Ellington is also practicing. Ellington sat out practice all last week with an ankle sprain. He was on the field catching pre-game warmup passes from Kaepernick on Saturday, but did not play.

Ellington is viewed by many as the receiver who could benefit most from Chip Kelly’s offense. The 49ers wide receivers have not seen a lot of passes their way in the preseason, but if the passing game can get going beyond the tight ends, Ellington is the guy that could see the most targets.

The problem of course, is that Ellington has struggled to stay healthy during this career. He has not had the huge season-ending injuries, but the smaller injuries have added up thus far. He’s got the kind of athleticism and positional flexibility to do a lot of things, but if he can’t stay healthy, it’s going to grow more and more frustrating. Fingers crossed he can stay healthy, but I won’t exactly be putting all my eggs in that basket.