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Anthony Davis took all but 3 reps at 1st team right guard

Might we be seeing the line transition?

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up Tuesday practice, and during player availability, right tackle/guard Anthony Davis told the beat writers he got extensive work as first team right guard. Andrew Tiller has been the right guard thus far, but Davis said that on Tuesday, he got all but three of the reps at the position. I would presume that means Tiller got the remaining three, but whomever it was, that’s pretty big.

The 49ers coaches have all emphasized that they are rotating players at positions to figure out the best 11. That’s not a shocking development, but we have seen a lot of the same players starting in the first two preseason games. Davis has now gotten a few practices at guard under his belt, so I would like to think at some point in the next two preseason games he gets an opportunity at guard.

I’m eagerly looking forward to Friday’s game. Is it time for this GIF?