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Dres Anderson on big touchdown, WR competition, not being drafted

The 49ers undrafted free agent acquisition chatted with the media on Tuesday. He talked about the quarterback competition, being back on the field after injury, and his thoughts on going undrafted.

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver depth chart remains in a state of flux, with nobody really standing out for much of the first two preseason games. That changed a bit on Saturday, with Dres Anderson hauled in a 30-yard touchdown pass from Christian Ponder. It came in the fourth quarter against the back end of the Denver Broncos’ depth chart, but it was still a well executed play. And considering Ponder and Anderson had limited practice time together prior to the game, it was all the more impressive.

Anderson is competing for a handful of spots on the WR depth chart, and will look to build on that this week against the Green Bay Packers. Earlier in the week, he discussed the play, and how grateful he is to be back on the field after injuries the past two years. You can watch the video here.

How do you feel it went the other night?

We gotta win. It’s always good when you get a win. Feel like we did great on both sides of the ball. There’s always things to work on.

Like one play over another?

My touchdown was good, felt good being back in the endzone, but I’m just grateful to be back on the field. Past couple years I’ve been going through some things so it’s good to be back out there.

That was obviously a play that Christian [49ers quarterback Christian Ponder] had never run before, but I’m assuming you had, quite a few times, so what were you looking for on that particular play?

I just knew there was no safety there and it was basically man to man. Middle of the field was wide open. I just had to beat my man and run to the green grass and Christian put it up there and I made a play on it.

Colin [49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick] is back throwing in practice. Can you just tell us how he’s looked from a receiver’s perspective?

He always looks good. Every time he’s out there he’s doing his thing. We’re just happy to have him back there.

Did he take part in a full practice?

I believe so.

You know with you guys, there are so many young receivers and everyone is kind of looking for someone to step up. Do you feel like you’re stepping up?

I just want to do my best and help this team in any way. Special teams, offense, all I’m trying to do.

It’s obviously a numbers game. Do you kind of sneak a peak around and start counting who’s—

Nah, i’m just trying to stay healthy and just make plays every time on the field.

Do you see that as an opportunity though; the fact that there are so many jobs up for grabs at that position that it gives you an opportunity

Yeah. Just beaing on the field it’s a great opportunity. Just basically sell yourself and do great for your team in any way that you can. Every time you’re on the field it’s a good opportunity.

Does it hurt when you touch a touchdown pass?

Not at all. When you catch a touchdown pass it’s a plus.

Do you still carry a chip on your shoulder from not being drafted?

It’s over with now. I did at the beginning, but I’m over it now and I’m just focused on making the team.

How do you find this system, which by all accounts is receiver friendly, but if you look at the rushing totals, it seems like it’s been pretty balanced these first two weeks?

It has been. The run game helps the pass and the pass game helps the run. We just kinda bounce off of each other. On running the ball we try to help the receivers open up the passing game and we need a good run it backs up the defenders. There’s more people in the box and we make plays on the outside.

How about the no huddle concept and how quick this offense is. Do you find that to your liking?

Oh yeah it’s good for us. We just kinda wear down the defense and it helps the receivers make plays on the ball. So we gotta make sure we are in great condition so when that play is up for grabs we can make it.