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Tank Carradine feeling comfortable at new position, weight

The 49ers have moved Tank Carradine to outside linebacker this year, and he is starting to feel comfortable. With two solid preseason performances, he is looking at a big opportunity.

The San Francisco 49ers have taken three years to figure out what to do with Tank Carradine, but it appears they might finally be on track. After beefing him up to near 300 pounds to play defensive tackle, the team decided to have him slim down and move to outside linebacker. After practicing at 300 pounds, Tank is down to the 270, and feeling comfortable.

Tank has been one of the standouts through two games, and with Aaron Lynch facing a suspension, there is a huge opportunity in front of the third year linebacker. He spoke with the media earlier this week, and discussed how he feels about the move, and what he has to work on these final two preseason games. You can watch video here.

Opens with him speaking:

Oh yea, you know, we just went with the game plan, and did what the coaches asked us to do, and we were able to go out there and make some plays to get the job done.

On if things are clicking:

Yea, I’m still adapting, I’m still getting used to playing outside linebacker, but I like it. Still got some learning to do. Still watching Aaron and Ahmad, picking up some of their habits.

On excitement about making plays at OLB:

Yea, I’m starting to get comfortable. We also got to practice against them as well, so I got a good of what kinds of things they do on offense, how they were going to pass, things like that. I was able to go out there and make a few plays.

On what he’s learned about pass coverage:

When you’re covering a guy, stay on him. Eventually, when you think the play is over, he can slip off and go a different way. And you might miss a play and not be able to make it.

On if he’s having fun:

Yea, I’m having fun. I love it out there.

Why he’s happy:

Because I feel comfortable. I’m not 300-some pounds. I’m 270 pounds, college weight, where I was at. I’m able to play on the outside, being able to set the edge, rush the passer from the outside, being able to cover guys. And being able to see everything that’s going on, instead of being down in the 3-technique position where I can’t see, not knowing what’s going on. I’m able to see more, and do more stuff, able to help the team playing OLB, so I like it a lot.

On how fast he feels:

Oh I feel fast, really fast.

Fastest since when:

Uh, since I lost all my weight. I feel pretty fast. I still have some stuff to work on, like just getting used to certain coverages so I can look even faster. But besides that, I feel pretty good.

On any new pass rush moves:

Spin move, and out in space, you got more space. Just the spin move. Watching the other guy spin, I say, you know what, I was never like a guy that spins, but now, I’m gonna have to put that in my play as a pass rusher.

On who taught him the move:

Ahmad Brooks … he got the spin.

On what’s next for final two preseason games:

I just need to go out there and play every play like it’s my last play, and give it all I got. Being able to help the team win, just go out and contribute.

On opportunity with Lynch out first four games:

Yea, I see it as an opportunity. I definitely see it as an opportunity. If it happens, I’m just gonna take advantage of my opportunity.