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Colin Kaepernick: It’s a business relationship with Trent Baalke

The 49ers co-starting quarterback met with the media on Wednesday. He discussed his status for Friday, and his relationship with general manager Trent Baalke.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took part in his third straight practice on Wednesday, and immediately following he spoke with the media in the locker room. He was asked about his relationship with Trent Baalke, to which he said, “We have a business relationship. That’s the point that we’re at.” Baalke had previously said they had a good conversation, and Kaepernick described it as simple, “a conversation.”

It’s not overly surprising that this is where things stand. There have been some rough times over the past year, with front office leaks about Kaepernick’s supposed practice habits probably not going over well with the quarterback. It’s safe to say that when you ask for a trade in this kind of situation, the best case you’re hoping for is a business relationship. Worst case would be a messy drama, and while this has been dramatic at times, it seems like for the time being it’s at least manageable.

Kaepernick was asked about this weekend, and competing for the quarterback position. Cam Inman got some video of the exchange, which I have posted below. Kaepernick is comfortable with where things stand, and looking forward to showing what he can do in the final two preseason games. He is not sure how many snaps he’ll get, but gave the usual line about being ready to do the most with what the team gives him.