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Bruce Arians thinks 49ers are team to look out for in 2016

Fooch’s note: I found the quotation here

Does the NFC West look different to you this year?

“Seattle’s always Seattle. I think the Rams, with that defense and (Todd) Gurley healthy, they’re always a threat. And I think Chip is going to do a phenomenal job in San Francisco. I think they’re the sleeper in the division.”

The San Francisco 49ers are projected by many media outlets to finish fourth in the NFC West this year. The division is viewed by many as the best in the NFL, and the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks are considered the top two teams.

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians apparently does not want people to get too far ahead of themselves in burying the 49ers. He addressed the media today, and someone passed along this nugget:

There is a lot of interpretation in this tweet, so until we see some more specific quotations, we’ll have to consider it an interpretation of his comments. I’m going to keep an eye out for more details on this, and if you come across anything, drop links or tweets into the comments. But for now, I at least wanted to get it on your radar.