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Colin Kaepernick thinks he can wear tinted visor Friday, NFL says not without approval

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been wearing a tinted visor in practice, and on Wednesday he said he expects to wear it on Friday against the Green Bay Packers. However, there might be a delay in when he can start wearing the visor in a game.

Kaepernick said at the start of training camp that he was applying to wear the visor. On Wednesday he said he was still working on it, but it was his understanding that he can wear a tinted visor in the preseason without the paperwork filed.

The NFL appears to be saying not so fast. Matt Maiocco spoke with the league and they said a player needs the approval in the preseason. They did not comment on if approval would happen by Friday, but given how slow the league is in handling most things, I'm not exactly holding my breath on it.

Kaepernick is getting the tinted visor on the advice of his eye doctor. He is wearing contacts and the visor helps prevent sun glare from creating problems. There is an advantage as defenders cannot see the QB's eyes, but this kind of thing has been approved in the past.