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49ers vs. Packers: What questions do you want answered?

Time to come up with a laundry list of questions you are curious about for the 49ers-Packers Week 3 preseason game.

The San Francisco 49ers face the Green Bay Packers Friday evening, in the biggest preseason game of their schedule. It’s not big because it’s the Packers. It’s big because it’s Week 3. We might get a better handle on the starting lineup, but given the questions facing the 49ers, it’s more about getting a better idea where things might be headed. Basically, it won’t be final answers for a lot of positions, but we might be able to infer a bit more.

I thought we might as well come up with a laundry list of questions to get answered. Some will be basic factual questions (who started, who got the most snaps, etc), and others might be a bit more opinion-based (who won X starting job). I’ll throw down a few questions, but please feel free to drop your own questions in the comments. My thought is I can take them and come up with something on Saturday and/or Sunday assessing what answers we got.

  1. Who will start at quarterback?
  2. Who will get the most snaps between Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert, and with which offensive units?
  3. Will someone claim the starting quarterback job?
  4. Will Anthony Davis play right guard? If so, will it be first team?
  5. Will Joshua Garnett get first team left guard snaps?
  6. Will Dres Anderson move up the depth chart following his Week 2 touchdown?
  7. Will Bruce Ellington play, and if so, will he get return duties?
  8. Where will DeAndrew White play?
  9. Do Vance McDonald, Garrett Celek get the bulk of the tight end snaps with the starting quarterbacks, or do we see Blake Bell and Bruce Miller in the mix?
  10. Who starts at ILB next to NaVorro Bowman?
  11. How will the snap rotation work for the three ILB competitors?
  12. Will Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner play?
  13. Will Will Redmond play?
  14. How will the nickel back rotation work behind Chris Davis?
  15. Where will Rashard Robinson, Keith Reaser, and Dontae Johnson play?