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Browns wanted ‘second-round pick and then some’ for Josh Gordon

I doubt we see a deal get done anytime soon, but Mike Garafolo more specifics on what the Browns wanted for Josh Gordon recently.

The Cleveland Browns have been rumored to be interested in trading wide receiver Josh Gordon, and the story just seems to never go away. Earlier this week, the team’s head of football operations, Sashi Brown, said the team is not looking to trade Brown. He acknowledged every player has a price, but would not get more specific.

On Friday, Mike Garafolo offered more specifics. He said the team reportedly wanted a “second-round pick and then some” to deal Gordon. We’ve discussed plenty in the past about the 49ers reportedly offering a second round pick and Kendall Hunter back in 2013. The Browns owner shut that one down, but it would seem they were at least interested at the time.

I don’t expect Gordon to be dealt, but it is interesting to consider what might get that kind of deal done. Would you deal a second round pick “and then some” for Gordon given how much time he has missed? From a fantasy football perspective, are you looking at him in your leagues? I pondered grabbing him, but someone went for him earlier than I was prepared to grab him.