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Seahawks GM John Schneider to attend 49ers-Packers preseason game

The 49ers-Packers game features a handful of scouts and executives from other teams scouting things out. We look at who is there.

The San Francisco 49ers-Green Bay Packers Week 3 preseason contest will feature a handful of scouts and personnel executives. Scouts, directors, and general managers are frequently traveling during the preseason, scouting potential waiver candidates, considering trade options, and of course checking out opposing teams for the upcoming season.

Matt Maiocco tweeted out this list of teams with representatives at tonight’s game. The list comes from the seating chart in the press box prior to the game.

Here is who each of those individuals is:

Jim Barker, Argonauts: General manager
Ben Chester, Raiders: Pro scout
Chris Driggers, Jaguars: Director/Pro Personnel
Chidi Iwuoma, Steelers: BLESTO scout
Tim McDonnell, Giants: Pro scout
Michael Parenton, Saints: Pro scout
John Schneider, Seahawks: General manager
Ran Carthon, Rams: Director/Pro Personnel

There is not a whole lot we can take from this, but it is interesting to see the Seahawks general manager in town for the game. Bruce Arians suggested the 49ers were a sleeper in the division, but I don’t think their potential is reason enough for the Seahawks GM to be in town. My guess is he has his eyes on some potential waiver or trade options on one or both teams, and wants to get a closer look. Or he just wanted an excuse to enjoy the friendly confines of Levi’s Stadium. Who knows.