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Aaron Rodgers starting for Packers, unlikely to play more than a quarter

We may not know the 49ers QB plans Friday night, but we might know the Packers plans.

The Green Bay Packers are expected to start quarterback Aaron Rodgers Friday evening against the San Francisco 49ers, but his night will not last too long. ESPN’s Bob Holtzman is reporting Rodgers likely will not play more than a quarter.

The Packers have a pretty good idea of what Aaron Rodgers can do. I know, that’s a stunning statement. But they’re going to play it careful, especially with backup Brett Hundley dealing with a sore ankle. If Rodgers only plays a quarter, that leaves three quarters for backups Joe Callahan and Marquise Williams.

The 49ers have their own quarterback quandary to figure out, and we still don’t know who is starting and how many snaps Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert will get. Maybe Chip Kelly is gonna troll the heck out of us and start Christian Ponder. I think fans would collectively lose their minds. But I would have to snicker at least a little bit.