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49ers-Packers final score: Colin Kaepernick struggles as Packers win, 21-10

The Packers have beaten the 49ers in the third week of the preseason. Colin Kaepernick did not do well in his return from injury.

Colin Kaepernick’s much-anticipated return to action for the San Francisco 49ers was underwhelming at best and flat-out terrible at worst. The 49ers played the Green Bay Packers in the third week of the preseason on Wednesday and Kaepernick saw the field second, completing just two of six passes for 14 yards.

Kaepernick looked uncertain in the pocket, he tucked the ball and ran for it when he had plenty of time in said pocket and he generally missed his throws big time. He didn’t look ready for his return.

Ultimately, the game was won by the Packers, 21-10. though that was all primarily settled with backups after the important parties were through.

Blaine Gabbert started the game and, if the quarterback battle isn’t actually much of a a quarterback battle like some suspect, he didn’t do anything to lose his starting job nor did he do much to solidify it.

Officially, Gabbert completed just two of three passes for 14 yards, but there was a pass to Quinton Patton that was counted as a run because it was behind the line. That pass/run went for a touchdown, giving the 49ers a 7-0 lead. He didn’t look good. He didn’t look terrible.

He looked like Gabbert.

Carlos Hyde got a good amount of playing time and he looked fine, though the blocking left a lot to be desired. Hyde’s best play was a 27-yard run when he bounced outside after the gap sealed in front of him at the line of scrimmage.

Marcus Rush came on strong in the second half once again, getting to the quarterback and generally displaying his high motor. I’m a big fan of his and what he lacks in technique he makes up in effort.

Rookie Jeff Driskel completed four of his eight passes for 48 yards. He did not get a score nor did he throw an interception. Poor Christian Ponder did throw an interception, and was sacked on top of that. It was an ugly game for him.

It’s unclear if there were any serious injuries from the game, with all of Bruce Ellington, Mike Purcell and Quinton Dial getting banged up early on.

The 49ers will close out their preseason against the San Diego Chargers on Sept. 1.