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Jay Glazer suggests Colin Kaepernick might not be on 49ers roster by Week 1

With final roster cuts later this week, it's going to ve an interesting situation.

The San Francisco 49ers are midway through the process of determining their 53-man roster, and it could get really interesting in a hurry. FOX Sports NFL reporter Jay Glazer was on the halftime show Sunday, and said Kaepernick faces an "uphill battle" to make the roster. Glazer said that if Kaepernick made the roster he would be shocked if he was there the entire season. He also said Kaepernick "may not even be on (the roster) in the next two weeks."

In light of the National Anthem kerfuffle, the next week is going to be interesting to watch. Kaepernick struggled in his first game back. Of course he had not been in a game since last fall, so rust was to be expected. But if he struggles again this Thursday against the Chargers, would the team really go with Blaine Gabbert and potentially Jeff Driskel and/or Christian Ponder?

Kaepernick's salary is fully guaranteed for 2016, but the team has the cap space to take the hit. The team recognized his right to express himself, and there is not hint of NFL discipline. Kaepernick spoke to his teammates and all accounts suggest it was a constructive conversation. We'll never know for certain how players feel in their hearts, but for the time being the locker room seems OK.

If the 49ers do release him, this will not go away easily. Even if it's for purely football reasons, reactions will be swift. I don't think the 49ers will cut him, but this is a very fluid situation.