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Denver Broncos name Trevor Siemian starting QB, trying to trade Mark Sanchez

I think Sanchez ends up on the Cowboys, but this could get interesting.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation remains unresolved, and now there is a new wrinkle to add to the mix. The Denver Broncos announced Trevor Siemian as their Week 1 starting quarterback, and are now trying to trade Mark Sanchez, according to Pro Football Talk.

The Broncos acquired Mark Sanchez via trade, and then drafted Paxton Lynch, as they tried to figure out how to replace Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning. The bar was relatively low after a season of inconsistent QB play, but the Broncos managed to leave us still questioning things after they were unable to acquire Colin Kaepernick in a trade.

The Dallas Cowboys are a likely favorite to land Sanchez. Dak Prescott will be the starting quarterback in Tony Romo’s absence, but they are reportedly looking for a veteran backup. Sanchez makes sense. Of course, if the 49ers decide they want to cut Colin Kaepernick, they too could decide Sanche makes sense as a veteran backup behind Blaine Gabbert. They have not been connected on it yet, but a rumor would not surprise me.