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Newt Gingrich compared Donald Trump to a slumping Joe Montana

I, uh, oh boy....

I would prefer to avoid politics here over these next few months, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Yes, I could just not post this, but.....c’mon!

As some are aware, Donald Trump has said some things that have not been well received by some folks. You’re welcome to Google away to find some of them. Newt Gingrich has served as a surrogate of sorts for Trump, addressing various issues in the media for some time now. Earlier today, he was on the FOX Business show “Mornings with Maria,” where was asked about some of Trump’s recent comments, and President Obama’s comments about Trump being unfit for office. Gingrich went in on Obama, and then he made a comparison between Donald Trump and Joe Montana. I’ll just go ahead and drop this in here for folks to read. And, umm, thanks Newt for livening up a day when the 49ers don’t have practice.

Fooch’s note: Politics chat allowed in this thread (no personal attacks), but NOWHERE ELSE).