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Michael, Martellus Bennett are two of my new favorites

The San Francisco 49ers had Wednesday off from practice, so there was less content than normal during training camp. I found myself surfing around during the day, and came across a fantastic article at ESPN. Senior writer Mina Kimes sat down with the outspoken Bennett brothers (Michael, Martellus), spending a few days with them while they were training in Southern California. She put together an article that features great insight, and some pretty fantastic commentary from the Bennett brothers.

There’s nothing specific to the 49ers in the article, but I still think it is a must read. They have some great thoughts on what the NFLPA should be doing to improve things (and why the union needs QBs to step up and actually contribute). They talk about growing up and their close bond. And they discuss their many ideas and how they want to be prepared for the post-NFL life.

The Bennetts are very outspoken, and they were no different in the interview. At one point, Kimes asked Michael about Martellus’ former quarterback Jay Cutler. Michael calls him the worst quarterback in the NFL, and Martellus then follows saying he would be open, and Cutler would throw into double coverage. That led to a quick fire round covering players, coaches, and Roger Goodell. The best line might was about Sam Bradford:

I highly recommend giving this article a read when you get a minute. It’s a fantastic read.