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Turlock restaurant removes Colin Kaepernick hot dog from menu

This is it. Once you’ve lost the hot dog shop, you’ve lost America

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There is plenty of serious stuff to discuss with regard to Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem. This is not one of those times.

A hot dog shop in Kaepernick’s hometown of Turlock, CA, Main Street Footers, has taken a hot dog named in the quarterback’s honor off the menu. The CK7 included chili, coleslaw, Jalapenos and something called “Kaep Sauce.” It is still listed on their online menu, but it is no longer available in the store. It was $6.05 and was first released during the run to Super Bowl 47.

One of the co-owners said people were on both sides of the fence on this topic, but they decided it was easier to just remove it from the menu, rather than deal with the controversy surrounding it.

The real controversy might involve asking, what exactly is Kap sauce? Even though his family spells it Kap, they went with the e in the name. So much controversy there. And of course, once you’ve lost the hot dog store, you’ve lost America.