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Teddy Bridgewater, Tony Romo injuries open the door to quarterback trades

I don’t expect Colin Kaepernick to be dealt to either the Cowboys or Vikings, but they are going to at least be looking.

The Minnesota Vikings had a devastating development on Tuesday, as quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered what head coach Mike Zimmer described as a “significant” knee injury. He was rushed to the hospital, and the team is awaiting final results. I’ve seen reports he was sedated for the MRI, and the injury was gruesome enough to cause teammates to vomit. Zimmer would not say no for sure, but said it did not look good.

This follows the injury Tony Romo suffered last week. It sounds like Bridgewater’s is considerably worse, with Romo’s back injury potentially cost him the first month of the season. But the Vikings join the Cowboys in the need for quarterback help. The Cowboys currently are starting Dak Prescott, and don’t have much behind him. The Vikings will trot out Shaun Hill until they can find another option.

Of course, it is no surprise people have suggested trading Colin Kaepernick to either team. He has fallen behind Blaine Gabbert due to recovery from his shoulder surgery. Kaepernick will play on Thursday while Gabbert sits out the game. Chip Kelly talked about getting Kaepernick equal reps, but given that he is so far behind, it makes sense that Gabbert is likely named the Week 1 starter.

And of course, there’s the controversy surrounding his protest. If he did not protest, I do think it would be a little bit easier to trade him. However, there would still be the questions of money, as I don’t think either Minnesota or Dallas would be willing to take on the entirety of his fully guaranteed salary. I think they would be more likely to make a move for a Mark Sanchez, but likely only after he has been released by the Denver Broncos. But otherwise, there’s just not a whole lot of much out there.

Of course, maybe Alex Boone can put in a good word!