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Fred Taylor goes off on Twitter about medical care issues

The father of 49ers running back Kelvin Taylor had plenty to say.

The San Francisco 49ers invested a sixth round pick in running back Kelvin Taylor earlier this year. Taylor had breakout year in 2015, rushing for 1,035 yards and 13 touchdowns. He did not play in the 49ers third preseason game, so we’ll have to wait and see if they are planning on stashing him on the practice squad, or if he gets a big workload on Thursday.

Taylor is notable for his own college career, but it is also worth noting he is the son of famed Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor. Throughout his career, Taylor developed a reputation as being injury-prone, with the nickname “Fragile Freddy” bestowed upon him at times.

It’s easy for us to call someone fragile in a sport like football, but on Wednesday, the running back ranked No. 16 all-time in rushing yards went off about injuries. He pointed to the NFL doctors overlooking injuries, and the things he went through in a recent physical examination. It’s an interesting read into what NFL players deal with on the field, and long after they re out of the game. I do wonder what he has had to say to his son now that Kelvin is in the NFL.

Here is Fred’s string of tweets.