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Watch when Eddie DeBartolo introduced Bill Walsh for Hall of Fame enshrinement.

Back in 1993, Eddie DeBartolo introduced Bill Walsh for Hall of Fame induction. Here’s video of that speech.

We’re 24 hours away from Eddie DeBartolo’s formal enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which should bring with it a pretty great speech. DeBartolo will be introduced by his daughter Lisa. He has said if Bill Walsh had lived, the coach would have probably been his choice of introduction. Back in 1993, DeBartolo provided the intro for Walsh on his own special day. The 49ers tweeted out the video below, and here is a transcription for those who can’t watch it.

Our deepest congratulations to today’s inductees and the inductees from the past. Bill Walsh became head coach of the San Francisco 49ers 14-and-a-half years ago. From that point forward, the franchise, it’s fans, and my life would never, ever be the same. The decade of the 80s suddenly became a magical adventure, which was filled with mystery and excitement. It seemed as though a favorable spell was cast upon the 49ers, which allowed us to enjoy great success, at the same time avoid many adversaries. Bill Walsh, the master magician who conjured up this incredible situation.

What Bill achieved is not only well known, but it has become the standard by which coaching careers are now judged. His style of leadership included the amazing ability to introduce innovative techniques without destroying traditional concepts. His role as a visionary never caused him to ignore the present. Bigger was not necessarily better to Bill, nor were the strongest always the best. He emphasized the fact that personal motivation was as important as physical gifts, and that the mind and soul deserved as much attention as the body.

Much has been made of various labels that sports experts attach to our new Hall of Famer. We have heard referred to him as the intellectual, scholarly, and of course, the genius. Not withstanding the many efforts to categorize Bill’s technique, the bottom line is very simple. He always was able to see the big picture while handling the daily details.

Bill and I have a relationship that has been spiced over the years with plenty of laughter, and certainly our share of tears. A special moment in time was created that would be referred to as a modern day Camelot. Fortunately I can now refer to that white-haired crusader who made it all possible as my deep and dear friend.