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49ers QB competition odds: Colin Kaepernick favored over Blaine Gabbert offshore

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback competition does not seem to have an emerging option quite yet. With odds now out, who would you take?

The San Francisco 49ers defense had a great day of practice on Thursday, but the downside to that is that the quarterbacks struggled. Ideally the 49ers defense takes a huge step forward, and the quarterbacks will improve against other competition. Of course, the ideal might not quite be reality.

The 49ers are wrapping up their first week of practice, and mixed reviews means we really don’t know who is leading this QB competition. The folks at decided to post odds on three notable quarterback competitions. They installed Colin Kaepernick as the favorite at -180 (bet $180 to win $100), and Blaine Gabbert as the underdog at +140 (bet $100 to win $140). Gabbert is tempting if I had to pick one of the two to bet on.

Here are the odds for the various quarterback competitions. I would be surprised if Case Keenum was starting Week 1 for the Rams, but Goff has had enough negative reports that maybe it’s worth rolling the dice on Keenum. As for the Broncos? I don’t really care for any of those wagers. Sanchez is probably the “best” bet, but that’s not really saying much at this point.

Blaine Gabbert: +140
Colin Kaepernick: -180

Case Keenum: +625
Jared Goff: -1150

Mark Sanchez: +190
Paxton Lynch: +115
Trevor Siemian: +285