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NaVorro Bowman contract extension details slowly leaking out

We don’t know all the details, but Ian Rapoport offered a couple numbers about NaVorro Bowman’s extension.

The San Francisco 49ers signed NaVorro Bowman to a four-year contract extension on Wednesday, and details are slowly coming out. Initial reports said it was a four-year $44 million extension. Added to the three years, the reports said the deal essentially turned the next seven years into a $77 million deal.

We don’t know full details yet, and the NFLPA does not have new base salaries reported. Ian Rapoport had this to say about the deal:

Bowman’s remaining three years on his 2012 contract extension break down as follows:


Base salary: $5,850,000
Prorated SB: $2,954,000
Roster bonus: $750,000

Cap figure: $9,554,000


Base salary: $6,750,000
Prorated SB: $1,454,000
Roster bonus: $750,000

Cap figure: $8,954,000


Base salary: $8,700,000
Prorated SB: $654,000
Roster bonus: $750,000

Cap figure: $10,104,000

Initial reports said Bowman’s extension had $20 million in guaranteed money. We don’t know what is signing bonus, what is a base salary guarantee, and what is injury or rolling guarantees. Given the 49ers large chunk of cap space this year and next year, I don’t see the need for a particularly large signing bonus. Instead, if they were going to offer fully guaranteed money, they might as well just guarantee base salary.