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Eric Rogers tweets about injury

The San Francisco 49ers lost wide receiver Eric Rogers to a torn ACL this week, and he will now begin the long rehab process to get back on the field next year. Rogers tweeted about the injury Friday evening, and seems in relatively good spirits, all things considered.

The 49ers signed Rogers to a two-year contract, giving him a signing bonus of $125,000, and a first year salary guarantee of $100,000. His 2016 base salary is $450,000. If he has a split contract, he would earn a portion of that total, but we don’t know the specifics yet on the contract.

The one positive of the injury is that it happened early enough that he could very well be back on the field during next year’s offseason workout program. The team could take it easy and get him back instead for training camp, but either way, we look forward to seeing him back on the field.