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Cleveland Browns name Robert Griffin III starting quarterback

The Cleveland Browns named their starting quarterback, and the name is not a surprise. Now we wait for the 49ers to name theirs.

The Cleveland Browns made what was expected official on Monday. Hue Jackson has named Robert Griffin III his starting quarterback. RG3 will get the start this Friday against the Green Bay Packers after beating out Josh McCown, Austin Davis, and rookie Cody Kessler.

Head coach Hue Jackson’s comments about the competition do not specify what this means for the length of the season. The press release specifically mentions this Friday, and nothing else. Of course, given the murderers’ row of quarterbacks behind him, it would be a pretty significant further fall from grace for RG3 if he did not start the whole season (barring injury).

The San Francisco 49ers are the most significant quarterback competition remaining to be decided. Blaine Gabbert was given positive reviews for his work on Sunday, although that followed a Saturday in which Colin Kaepernick was viewed as the better of the two. The team faces the Houston Texans this Sunday, and at some point we’ll find out who the starter is for the game. Chip Kelly meets with the media on Wednesday, and then again on Friday. My guess is we find out on Friday, but he might just play it close to the vest.

And of course, the 49ers starter on Sunday is not necessarily the starter for the season. Gabbert and Kaepernick could each get one start the first two weeks to maximize their time with the first team offense. My guess is the starter for Week 1 of the regular season will not be known until at least the week of the 49ers third preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.