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Blaine Gabbert with a nice practice pass to Blake Bell, can the former QB emerge as TE?

The San Francisco 49ers tight end depth chart has plenty of questions still to be answered heading into the first preseason game. Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek have the most experience, Bruce Miller is transitioning from fullback, Blake Bell is in his second year transitioning from quarterback, and Busta Anderson and Je’Ron Hamm are under the radar options with some potential. I would think all six will get extensive playing time in the 49ers preseason opener.

Niners Wire writer Rob Lowder posted this short video from the 49ers practice video over the weekend. It shows Bell catching a touchdown pass from Blaine Gabbert, just over Gerald Hodges.

The 49ers have some solid size among their tight ends, and Bell is up there with the biggest, listed at 6’6 252 pounds. Vance McDonald is listed as the heaviest, while Bell is the tallest. Bell showed some things last year, with his opportunities increasing once the team unloaded Vernon Davis, and later placed Garrett Celek on injured reserve. Chip Kelly likes using his tight ends plenty, and he has several options for 2016. I’ve been focused on Miller given his own transition to the position, but Bell is probably the higher upside option. He might very well not turn into a great tight end, but I think we know less about what he could become as compared to Miller. Count me among the intrigued!