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Lane Johnson suspended 10 games for PED use he denies then acknowledges

I think he should blame Chip.

There have been a few comments about this, so I figured I should get something up for a single place to discuss it. Lane Johnson has been suspended 10 games by the NFL for violating the PED policy. If he fails another test, he faces a two-year suspension.

Johnson initially denied the reports, but then acknowledged he has been suspended. He told FOX Sports NFL reporter Jay Glazer that “he took an amino acid that was approved but tested positive for peptide.” He is reportedly awaiting the B sample result, and will fight this as well as the company from whom he got the product. He says the product was approved by the NFL.

The NFL has not formally announced the suspension, so the appeals process is on-going. Aside from the appeal, I am curious to see if Johnson actually goes after the company that sold him the product. If the item was mislabeled, or he was otherwise misled, I would hope he files suit against the company. Or, he’s BS’ing us and is going to serve his suspension, and that’ll be that.