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Marcus Rush, Tank Carradine lead NFL in preseason pass rush productivity

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The question now is whether or not they carry it over into the regular season.

The San Francisco 49ers pass rush has been a big question mark this offseason, particularly in light of Aaron Lynch’s four-game substance abuse suspension. However, the preseason has brought some reasons for optimism. PFF posted something about Marcus Rush leading the NFL this preseason in pass rush productivity, and their 49ers specialist, Jeff Deeney, added this.

It is only the preseason, but it is great to see these two executing in their opportunities. Rush has been primarily facing players further down the depth chart, but he’s getting to the quarterback. Tank is further up the depth chart, and has been having a really solid preseason.

The 49ers wrap up their preseason on Thursday, and many of their starters will likely get the night off. I am curious to see how much playing time Eli Harold and Tank Carradine each get. Harold is viewed as the likely starter, but Tank’s preseason has helped his case. I am inclined to think Tank will be primarily a nickel edge rusher this year, but maybe they decide he’s done enough to supplant Harold. If one plays and the other does not tonight, that might tell us something.

As for Rush? Well, he’s still competing for a roster spot after a year on the practice squad. He and Corey Lemonier might be competing for a single roster spot even with Lynch out for four games. Will Rush end up on the roster?