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Colin Kaepernick explains his decision to wear socks with pigs in cop hats

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Wednesday afternoon, people started noticing San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wore socks that featured pigs wearing cop hats. Naturally there was an uproar. Kaepernick took to Instagram to speak about the socks.

Kaepernick will likely get more questions about this tonight after the 49ers-Chargers preseason game. I don’t imagine he will have much more to say beyond this. The socks, like the protest, have led people to focus on method, and have distracted from the importance of his underlying message. People are going to remain focused on the socks and the sitting, but hopefully we can start to move towards his underlying message, which is what should be of paramount importance in this topic.

For those wondering, odds are pretty good he will not wear the socks during tonight’s game. The NFL would fine him for wearing non-compliant socks, which is not something they could do for his practice attire.