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Did Colin Kaepernick’s pregame actions live up to the build up?

On the day military was honored at Qualcomm Stadium two players knelt and otherwise things went just how they normally do

NFL: Preseason-San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the national media hype following the news that Colin Kapernick was sitting during the national anthem, the build up for the San Diego pregame was off the charts. Honestly though, when it came down to it, the whole process was pretty close to normal, with just a little added scrutiny.

When Kaepernick came out to warm up 2.5 hours before kick off the gates were still closed and a few charger players came up and chatted with the quarterback followed by handshakes. Then gates opened with him already on the field and on his way back into the tunnel he signed autographs for fans like he did the previous week.

When he returned in uniform, he was met by significant booing as there were more people in the stands at that point. To be fair, every position group that came out was booed, similar to a college game atmosphere. The booing continued every time the offense trotted out onto the field, but that really was the extent of the event. (subsequently when Jeff Driskel led the team onto the field there was no booing)

Former Green Beret Nate Boyer and the quarterback met for 90 minutes in San Diego prior to the game and seemed to reach a sort of compromise. Eric Reid and the QB knelt during the anthem, instead of sitting on the bench, while Boyer stood next to them with his hand on his heart. Later in the game when all military members were honored as they stood up in the stadium, Kaepernick applauded while standing on the sidelines.

Maybe Kaepernick’s altered behavior as well as him explaining his actions took some of the heat off of the quarterback. However, other than quite a few more national media at the game, everything was your typical fourth week of the preseason.

Here’s some video of the field before and during the National Anthem.

49ers preseason festivities in San Diego for week 4 of the preseason. Thought it might be interesting.

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