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Majority of people betting the UNDER on 49ers win total

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Fading the 49ers is pretty popular right now.

The gambler world is down on the San Francisco 49ers, looking to fade them in any way possible in 2016. That perception has sportsbooks reacting accordingly. The 49ers are a 2.5-point underdog against the Los Angeles Rams, with over 60 percent of the money on the Rams. Additionally, people are fading the 49ers win total for the season.

Bovada (and many others) installed the 49ers at 5.5 wins for the 2016 season. Bovada recently released information on which teams were getting the most money for OVER and UNDER on their win totals. The 49ers are not among the heaviest, but Bovada told me that 55 percent of money has been on the UNDER. I’m not surprised by this, but I also would be curious how much of the OVER and UNDER money is coming from 49ers fans specifically. We’ll never know for certain, but I feel like that would be an intriguing comparison to make. I could see the homers going OVER, but then we also have plenty of depressed fans who are happy to take the UNDER. Maybe it balances out fairly evenly? I’d be inclined to take the OVER, but that’s primarily because I’m a big, fat homer.

Here are some other percentages on win totals thus far. People love the Cardinals OVER. I’m a little surprised so much money is going on the Patriots OVER. My guess is people figure Jimmy Garoppolo can get them one or two wins, and over the final 12 games, Tom Brady & Co. will be in full-on revenge mode.

The Panthers win total is officially off the board now that the season has started. I would have been inclined to take the UNDER beforehand, but it’s too late now. Among the heaviest UNDER bets, I can actually agree fully on all three. The Colts are tempting for a bounce-back season, but they have a lot of issues to work through.

Heaviest bet Win Totals Over

Arizona Cardinals: over 9.5 (84% on the over)
New England Patriots: over 10.5 (79% on the over)
Carolina Panthers: over 10.5 (72% on the over)

Heaviest bet Win Totals Under

Philadelphia Eagles: under 7 (82% on the under)
Indianapolis Colts: under 9.5 (78% on the under)
Los Angeles Rams: under 7.5 (74% on the under)