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Ian Williams had great Twitter discussion about Colin Kaepernick, National Anthem protest

The 49ers nose tackle had an actual respectful discussion with people on Twitter. Who knew!

The past two weeks have brought all sorts of debate about Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest. There are passionate voices on both sides of the debate, and that covers fans, players, coaches and front office types. At times it brings out the worst in people, but as this discussion moves forward, it can bring out useful debate.

On Friday night, Ian Williams sent out this tweet, and it opened the floodgates to an evening of discussion.

If you go into Williams’ timeline, you’ll see him responding to numerous questions and comments throughout the evening. I know we’ll have people who both agree and disagree, but Williams’ comments did not seem off the cuff, but rather, well reasoned points of discussion. There will still be disagreement, but he engaged people respectfully.

I won’t post all the tweets, but here are some of them. He got into the issues of right to protest, the ability to move the discussion forward, some of the underlying issues, and so much more. It’s worth your time to check out his timeline.