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Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin climbing the all-time leaderboards

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The San Francisco 49ers get going Monday night, but Sunday provided a look at some past 49ers greats. The Indianapolis Colts hosted the Detroit Lions, which meant Frank Gore and Anquan Boldin were in the same stadium. And while neither had a huge game, both made small moves up the all-time leaderboards.

Gore rushed for 59 yards and caught four passes for 19 yards. He averaged 4.2 yards per carry, but the Colts were in comeback mode and he did not get a ton of work. His 59 rushing yards give him 12,099 for his career, which moved him past Thurman Thomas on the all-time leaderboard. Gore is now No. 14 all-time. Next up on the list is Franco Harris, who has 12,120 yards. He also has 15,268 career yards from scrimmage, and is now 38 yards back of Warrick Dunn for No. 17 all-time. The Colts travel to face the Denver Broncos next week.

Boldin finished Week 1 with three receptions for 35 yards. His 35 yards give him 13,230 yards for his career, moving ahead of Andre Reed for No. 16 all-time. Next on the list is Torry Holt, who has 13,382 yards, and was passed Sunday evening by Larry Fitzgerald. Boldin also now has 1,012 receptions. Next on the list is Isaac Bruce at No. 11 with 1,024 receptions. Larry Fitzgerald and Jason Witten moved past Bruce on Sunday. The Lions host the Tennessee Titans in Week 2.