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Golden Nuggets: It’s game day!

San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, September 12, 2016.

Finally, the San Francisco 49ers long offseason is behind us. Yes, we had the preseason football, but tonight, real football commences for the 49ers. After an atrocious 2015 season that followed a bad 2014 season, the team’s third coach in as many years gets a chance to show us some improvement.

Chip Kelly makes his regular season debut with the 49ers as they host the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football. We’ve been through plenty of drama. There was the Colin Kaepernick trade chatter. There was the QB competition that sort of ended once Kaepernick’s arm got tired. There was the return of, almost again retirement, and again return of Anthony Davis, now apparently no longer playing right guard. There’s been the National Anthem protests. It seemed like the craziness would never end.

In reality, the craziness is only just starting, but at least now we can couple it with some actual football. Maybe this team is a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe Chip Kelly infuses some life. I don’t know for sure what we’ll see tonight, but at least it’s something on a football field!

Trent Dilfer :(

Dilfer: Kaepernick's protest 'has caused friction' with 49ers (Maiocco)
49er calls ESPN’s Trent Dilfer an ‘idiot’ for Colin Kaepernick comments (Biderman)
49ers player doesn’t like Trent Dilfer’s ‘friction’ critique (Barrows)

49ers-Rams :)

49ers vs. Rams at a glance (Barrows)
Return of Rams-49ers West Coast rivalry may take time to rekindle (Branch)
Week 1 Preview: San Francisco 49ers v. Los Angeles Rams (Sakamoto)
5 keys to determining winner of 49ers-Rams game (Cohn)

Anthony Davis

Source: Anthony Davis on 49ers' practice field Sunday (Maiocco)
49ers’ Anthony Davis back at practice; reportedly no longer playing guard (Branch)
Anthony Davis practices with 49ers Sunday, but not at guard (Barrows)
Report: Anthony Davis back at 49ers practice Sunday after mulling retirement (Biderman)
Report: Anthony Davis no longer plays guard for 49ers (Maiocco)