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How to watch 49ers-Rams Monday Night Football online for free

The 49ers are finally back, and while most will have TV access, there are options for those who do not.

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The San Francisco 49ers face the Los Angeles Rams in the one of the team’s two guaranteed nationally televised games. They will also face the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football in Week 5. It is possible they get flexed into Sunday Night Football later this season, but if they perform as many expect this season, that is unlikely.

ESPN broadcasts Monday Night Football, so more than likely you’ll be able to watch the game. However, for folks not in front of a TV during those hours, or for those who don’t have cable there is an alternative for this week, and it’s free!

ESPN offers a streaming service called WatchESPN, but that requires a cable subscription. If you have a cable subscription and will not be at your TV, that could be an option. However, if you don’t have a cable subscription, another option is Sling TV. It is a streaming service that offers a whole host of channels, including ESPN. The cheapest package is $20 a month, but it’s a good way to cut the TV cord. More importantly, they offer a one-week free trial offer. You can sign up for it today, and cancel after the game if you are so inclined. It’s actually a pretty solid service, but if you don’t need it long-term, this is an option.