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Russell Wilson suffers sprained ankle, Seahawks expected to sign a QB

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The ankle sprain is not expected to cost Wilson playing time, but it is something to keep on our radar.

The Seattle Seahawks barely beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 1, scoring a touchdown with 31 seconds left to secure a 12-10 win. The Seahawks have been inconsistent out of the gates under Pete Carroll, but a win is a win is a win.

There was one issue that came up in Sunday’s game. Russell Wilson suffered a sprained ankle in the second half. He did not miss any snaps, but had a precautionary X-ray after the game. He is not expected to miss next Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, but Ian Rapoport is reporting the team will likely sign another quarterback just in case. Trevone Boykin is currently their only backup quarterback option.

This makes the Seahawks-Rams matchup in Week 2 a little bit more interesting. The Rams have given the Seahawks trouble at home over the years. Add in that this will be the regular season home opener in LA, and it should be a raucous environment. And given the strength of the Rams defensive front, even a slightly sprained ankle could be problematic for Wilson. There is always the potential for aggravation, and with the 49ers traveling to face the Rams Seahawks in Week 3, this will be something to watch.