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Robert Griffin III placed on injured reserve after shoulder injury

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Maybe they should have traded for Colin Kaepernick....

The Cleveland Browns season got off to an ugly start, as Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles had little trouble with Cleveland. The loss was even more notable because the Browns traded their No. 2 pick to the Eagles who then selected Wentz.

That trade and pick are looking like even more of an issue on Monday. The Browns announced that quarterback Robert Griffin III will miss “an extended period of time” with a shoulder injury. The team formally placed him on injured reserve, and he will be re-evaluated in three to four weeks. They have the option of using their one return designation on RG3. They can return him as early as Week 10.

The San Francisco 49ers don’t play the Browns this year, but I thought this was worth bringing up considering the Browns alleged interest in Colin Kaepernick this past offseason. They won’t be trading for Kap anytime soon, but it’s interesting to consider the hypotheticals of what might have happened if something had been worked out.

The “upside” if you will for the Browns is they do have Josh McCown as their backup quarterback. He’s a capable backup who can fill in as needed. The team has a lot of issues, so I don’t expect some dramatic turnaround, but it’s something. Cody Kessler serves as the team’s third string quarterback.