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Jed York addresses status of Anthony Davis, locker room with Colin Kaepernick

The San Francisco 49ers had a lot of questions over the weekend about the status of Anthony Davis. The offensive lineman did not participate in practice on Saturday because he was reportedly speaking with his family about retirement. He returned to practice on Sunday, and decided not to retire. However, he seemingly wanted to move back to just tackle, and not play right guard.

All indications are he settled his issues with the 49ers, and on Monday, Jed York reinforced that. He spoke briefly with the local media before the game, and addressed Davis’s status:

It remains to be seen how this will all shake out on Monday Night Football, but we have reported (through Jennifer Chan) that he will not be playing guard. We’ll find out quickly what is going on, and I’m sure he’ll have media at his locker after the game.

Additionally, York spoke a little bit more about Colin Kaepernick. I think he summed things up pretty well, a few days after the team followed Kaepernick’s lead and donated $1 million to a pair of organizations working to help disadvantaged communities in the Bay Area.