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Aaron Donald shown hitting Daniel Kilgore in the helmet after a play

Donald had a bad night, and it was not surprising his frustration showed.

The San Francisco 49ers took care of business Monday night, shutting down the Los Angeles Rams offense, and containing the highly touted defensive front.

Most notably, defensive tackle Aaron Donald was completely shut down. He had three tackles, but was more noted for his personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct resulting in an ejection. Midway through the fourth quarter, after a Rams linebacker stepped over Blaine Gabbert following a play, there was some pushing and shoving. 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton ran over to the scrum, and Donald followed. Donald shoved Patton resulting in the latter’s helmet coming off. Donald was flagged and then got a second flag for unsportsmanlike conduct when he made contact with the ref. It was a quick ejection.

However, this was not his only transgression, and I’m sure we missed plenty more. Early in the fourth quarter, the 49ers had a first and goal. Carlos Hyde was stopped for a one-yard loss. During the play, Donald and Daniel Kilgore got locked up. They are both on the ground, and Donald shows frustration as he pops Kilgore in the helmet after the play. It’s not the dirtiest thing we’re going to see, but in light of his later ejection, I’m not overly surprised by it. The 49ers got the last laugh in this on though, both defeating the Rams, and embarrassing their vaunted defensive front.