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Chip Kelly blames Anthony Davis weekend absence on miscommunication

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This strikes me as good work by the 49ers head coach deflecting the situation.

Fooch’s update - Chip Kelly was on KNBR Tuesday morning, and when asked about AD, he offered this:

Can you elaborate on why AD did not start:

He will. You know, I think that was my decision, a comfort level with where AD is. I think we all forget he took an entire year off, is coming back, played tackle for half of camp, kinda threw him in at guard, a position he’s never played. And then to throw him out there against a front like that, I just, as we got going and looking at things, my comfort level in terms of where we are, and AD understands that, and actually played for us at the end of the game at tackle. So we’ll continue to grow AD as he rounds back into form.

So he’s not in the doghouse:

No, no doghouse at all.

The San Francisco 49ers had a slightly wild weekend leading up to their Week 1 game, with reports Anthony Davis was considering retirement. Davis missed Saturday practice for a non-disclosed injury, and Cam Inman reported at the time that Davis was meeting family to discuss the idea of a second retirement.

Things went back and forth, with Jennifer Chan eventually reporting Davis was not comfortable playing guard, and had hashed things out with the team. He was back at practice on Sunday, and was a reserve tackle on Monday. He played three snaps late in the game with some other backups, and also played four special teams snaps.

After the game, Chip Kelly got a few questions about Davis and what happened this weekend. Kelly stated that it was his decision to move Davis from guard back to tackle. He said the missed practice on Saturday was a miscommunication, and he had a “long talk” with Davis on Saturday to get things “ironed out.”

We probably won’t ever know the full story of what went down, but Kelly’s comments read to me like a coach covering for his player. Rather than say Davis thought about quitting, or was complaining about his role, Kelly said it was his decision to move him, and it was just a miscommunication with the missed practice. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it strikes me as solid work by the head coach in dealing with the topic.

What do you think? Here’s Kelly’s full comments. Davis did not speak with the media after the game.

When we last talked to you OL Anthony Davis was your starting right guard, what happened since then?

“As I looked at it going through it, it was really my decision and I told AD that we were just going to start [G Andrew] Tiller going into this game. We knew that was a pretty formidable front. We’ll continue to grow A.D. Again, he’s missed a lot of football and he’s coming back. And, I’ll give him credit, handling it like a professional. But, it was my decision in terms of starting Tiller in this game.”

But, why didn’t he practice on Saturday?

“There was just a miscommunication, but he was back on Sunday and he had a real good Sunday for us and was good today. Got a chance to get a couple snaps in there at the end.”

There’s obviously a report he was thinking of quitting the NFL, retiring again.

“It was just a miscommunication. I had a long talk with Anthony on Saturday and everything has been ironed out. He’s good to go.”

It was nothing more than a miscommunication?

“It was a miscommunication between myself and Anthony and we don’t have a miscommunication any longer.”