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What happens when you run on the field at a 49ers game

The San Francisco 49ers Week 1 matchup was interrupted early in the fourth quarter by a fan running on the field for a full minute. It took some time for security to get their act together, and eventually they corralled him (but not before Kevin Harlan’s amazing play-by-play).

It turns out, the young man had written his phone number on his chest. Deadspin’s Lindsey Adler gave him (William) a call for an interview. The brief, but entertaining and sort of informative interview, actually provided interesting information for those who might want to follow in William’s lead. When asked what happened after security caught him, he said:

“They put me in cuffs and took me to the back, but because I’m a minor, they just looked for my dad and my dad picked me up.

They banned me for a year, but if I wanna go back I have to do a course online and write an apology letter to the stadium for breaking the rules.”

William was 16, so he lucked out in that regard. I’m guessing if you are not a minor, you will face some kind of misdemeanor or citation along with the course. If you check out that link, it takes you to a fan conduct class. The class costs $250 with an additional $50 fee. I did some poking around, and it appears this website is used by all the NFL teams. So, if you decide you want to run on a field, prepare for that.