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Forbes says 49ers value increased $300 million since summer

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The money train is rolling through Santa Clara

Forbes decided it was apparently time once again to release franchise values, and the San Francisco 49ers continue climbing in value. Forbes valued them at $2.7 billion this past summer, and they have apparently decided the team deserves a bump. In their latest analysis, Forbes values the team at a cool $3 billion. They list the team with $446 million in revenue and $154 million in operating income. That latter number is sometimes called operating profit.

I’m not entirely sure what would lead to the boost in value. The team did announce a deal with Amazon Prime Now prior to the season to introduce parking lot deliveries at Levi’s Stadium. Fans in Red Lot 1, Green Lot 1, and Blue Lot 1 can order all sorts of stuff and have it delivered to them in an hour or less.

That’s a pretty cool service, although I’m curious what traffic will do to that. But even still, I’m not sure that’s worth a $300 million bump in valuation. That being said, even though I question the methodology and resulting numbers, there is no denying the franchise value has gone up tremendously the past four years, and I would imagine pretty flush with operating profits. Maybe at some point that means we’ll see cheaper tickets ... OK, maybe not.