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Jason Cole reports on Trent Baalke, Chip Kelly disagreement about Colin Kaepernick

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Of course there are going to be reports....

I’m up in Boston for the next few days catching some Red Sox games with my dad, so I did not catch up on this latest Jason Cole report until late Wednesday. We always take Cole’s reports with a grain of salt, but it’s still interesting to consider who might be feeding him what information.

His latest report concerns San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, GM Trent Baalke, and head coach Chip Kelly. Cole reported that Baalke is looking to get rid of Kaepernick, while Kelly wants to keep him around and try and develop the QB. Here’s what Cole said in his latest “Insider Buzz” video.

Many 49ers sources said they believe it’s clear general manager Trent Baalke would like to get rid of Colin Kaepernick. Head coach Chip Kelly wants to keep Kaepernick, and try and develop the quarterback. Kaepernick saw snaps on Monday night, in order to get him ready to play at some point this season. This is an on-going conflict within San Francisco that has no end in sight.

That third sentence, about Kaepernick’s snaps is interesting, but kind of odd. I suppose the three snaps could have just been about shaking off some more rust. The 49ers went up 28-0 the drive before and had put the game away. The Rams offense was showing nothing virtually the entire game. If I was looking to get Kaepernick more playing time, I might have considered it for the bulk of the fourth quarter with the team already up 21-0. I suppose there was some thought that the Rams might get a score and the momentum could flip quickly, but who knows.

This all comes following Trent Dilfer’s comments about at one point Kaepernick’s protest tearing at the fabric of the locker room. Dilfer clarified it to say he didn’t know if that was still the case, but that at one point it was. There is speculation that Trent Baalke is the source of Dilfer’s thoughts. We will never know for sure, but in light of the offseason that went by and Colin Kaepernick’s reported issues with the 49ers general manager, nothing would surprise me about any of this.

All indications have been that Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke have a good relationship. The disagreement over Colin Kaepernick does not necessarily have to be something that causes problems, but with Baalke on the hot seat if things go south this season, who knows how it will all play out.