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Full details of Tank Carradine’s contract extension

The San Francisco 49ers signed Tank Carradine to a one-year contract extension earlier this month, locking him up through the 2017 season. After a bit of a wait, we’ve got a look at the numbers behind the deal. His 2016 base became fully guaranteed with the deal. He is set to earn $2,650,000, and can earn an additional $1 million in incentives for sacks.

Signing bonus: $1,250,000
2017 base: $1,100,000 ($1 million guaranteed for injury, fully guaranteed on April 1, 2017)
Roster bonus: $250,000 (paid out over season on weekly basis)
Workout bonus: $50,000
NLTBE incentives: $1 million for sacks

2016 cap hit: $2,199,262
2017 cap hit: $2,025,000

Carradine was set to hit free agency after the 2016 season. He was asked why he decided to forego free agency and sign for another year. Specifically, he was asked this in light of Olivier Vernon getting a huge deal:

“I mean, I thought about it, but I haven’t done anything yet. (Vernon) has,” Carradine said. “So I’m just going to give me time, give me this year and next year, I’ll be 27 still. I’m still young, still be able to get a long extension. So I’m just thinking if I play good this year, play good next year, everything will take care of itself contract-wise on an extension.”

Carradine has moved into the outside linebacker role, and should get plenty of opportunities to rush the passer the next two seasons. He struggled to develop into the interior presence the team wanted, and so the team has him back in a role with which he is much more familiar. He will get OLB work, but really, he’s there to be an edge rusher. And if he can build on that opportunity, he could cash in huge in the next year or two.