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Throwback Thursday: When Kap mocked Cam

Before he was kneeling during anthems, Kaepernick caused controversy a different way.

Remember when the 49ers were good? Of course you do. It only took one season to sink back into mediocrity. Remember when we lost to the Carolina Panthers in the regular season then knocked them out of the playoffs? That felt awesome.

Those were the good ole days. Even better was Colin Kaepernick’s touchdown celebrations. Kaepernicking, the art of kissing your bicep, slowly became a sleeper hit of a meme along with Griffining, planking, and every other frozen action clogging up Facebook feeds. Anytime you saw Kap stroll into the endzone, you could almost guarantee his facemask would grace his upper arm in the motion.

Well, he added a bit to the celebration here.

With around nine minutes left in the third quarter of the NFC divisional round, Colin Kaepernick did what he did best: took a read option and strut into the endzone. After doing it though, he added a bit more to his signature touchdown celebration.

That is of course Cam Newton’s touchdown celebration, meant to make a nod to Clark Kent’s tried and true method of shedding the suit and becoming Superman. Once Kaepernick did the motion, he kissed his bicep and a media sensation began. It all pointed to how Kaepernick may have been unsportsmanlike in mocking Newton and also how Newton got his feelings hurt.

Regardless of the negativity, this is back when the 49ers were winning, and given the first Panthers game in the regular season was absolute misery, it was somewhat nice to have a bit of an edge when revenge arrived.

10 years from now, no one is going to remember that playoff game, but they’ll remember Kap mocking Newton.

I’ll take it.